On Saturday 16 March 2002 00:38, Jack Sasportas wrote:
> I have never passed a search value with a space or a comma "," in it,
> but here is the first time.
> What happens is that IE puts in the space and takes the whole value as
> the parameter and correctly finds the result we are looking for from the
> search request, but in Netscape it only sees up to where there is a
> space or where there is a comma.
> Here is how the search value looks from the command line in the browser
> display_products.php?search_value=Toilet Tissue,  2-Ply
> Within the application it returns there is no match for Toilet which
> basically tells me that php thinks that's the end of the string being
> passed to it.
> Any ideas on how I should get around this ?
> This is what the db search string looks like:
> $db_result = mysql_query("select * from $db_tablename where
> category='$value'");

Well the truth is that you're not supposed to send spaces via the URL. 

Use urlencode() & it's sibling, to make your parameters URL friendly.

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