Firstly I have a suggestion for you, I downloaded a copy of something
called VMWare, it allows you to install virtual machines, ie, depending
on your disk space you can run mutliple operating systems without multi
boot. It even has the ability to forget changes, so you can have a
stable build, and 'try' software on it - great for perfecting software
installation and so on.

It runs on windows and linux

Im not affiliated but it's a rocking product.  I don't however, curretly
have a Win98 setup on it, I have every other stupid form of windows bar
the 98/me/95 variety

They do a 30day eval version no other restrictions, its nice.

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> firstly, apologies for the cross post, but I urgently need a 
> Windows 98 / PHP / PWS environment to test an issue on.
> if anyone could help out with that, please email me back directly.
> Thanks,
> James
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