At 16.03.2002  10:44, you wrote:
>I wonder whether this is possible?
>I would like to format a text input so that the first letter of the input (as
>the user is typing it in) would automatically be converted to Uppercase
>(capitals). Furthermore, if it is possible, I would like to pre-format the
>date "input type=text" so that only numbers or dashes could be entered. I
>really enjoyted this capablity in Paradox PAL language.
>Does anything exist that would allow me to do this in PHP?
>An example:
><td><input type=text name=rap></td>
>Screen (and into database)
>Surname: black   >> would be converted as they type to >> Surname: Black
>Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated.
a.)try this in JavaScript on the client side, you have to check if the 
valid chars/numbers are entered
otherwise the page will be not send.
b.) check the form, whem the page arrives on the server, and if the vals 
are not correct, send
the page back to be corrected by the user.
HTH Oliver

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