I have a simple INCLUDE file that creates a default dynamic tab style table
of contact for the top of each of my pages.

I wanted a solution where I could control the content by simply changing an
integer in mySQL indicating weather a tab was visible or not. It works but I
now have a strange problem.

Each entry in the DB has unique id but I recently added a 'order' value. For
example: Home = 10, Buy = 20, Sell = 30, Contact = 40. Well I added Manage =
35 so that I could sort my results and control the order with our re-writing

The problem is that when I use the include the sort order gets lost. In all
cases I have the ORDER BY toc_order which are my 10,20,30,35 values in each

Can anyone shed some light on this issue?

Here is a link for an example:


Please CC me as I am on digest mode.



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