Hello there,
I am trying to use substr_count() to count the number of Hebrew characters 
in a string,
I tried substr_count($test, "/[-]/"), but it returns 0 as if it can't 
match the regex I have inserted there, I hoped it will work the same as 
preg_match() that works great (preg_match("/[-]/", $test)) for example 
works just fine, but I guess substr_count() is a bit different...

Is there a way for me to do that? maybe with another similar function? (If 
not I will have to solve it in an ugly while loop that searches for Hebrew 
characters one by one...)

Thank you.


Gil Disatnik
UNIX system/security administrator.


"Windows NT has detected mouse movement, you MUST restart
your computer before the new settings will take effect, [ OK ]"
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