>I think the meaning of CGI is quite blured.
>Anyone else think so?

I think the the meaning of CGI (Common Gateway Interface) has lost it's
meaning by a lot of people who just hear the acronym and not the full
phrase. It's like the term "PC" - when people hear that, they almost
straight away think "IBM/IBM Compats", but, as all of you should know,
there's MANY other types of PC around the place, not just "IBM/IBM Compats".
Same goes for CGI programs.

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I mean any time you hear the word CGI it is rarely referring to PHP, always
Perl (My most comfortable Web language).  You'd think that CGI only refers
to Perl.

If you goto a site and download scripts under category CGI you would be
downloading Perl scripts, PHP has its own category.

Should CGI still mainly Perl even though PHP is somewhat easier, quicker
thus easier suited for CGI.

I think the meaning of CGI is quite blured.
Anyone else think so?

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> On Sun, 17 Mar 2002, David Duong wrote:
> > Can PHP be considered CGI?
> Sometimes.
> CGI is a standardized interface between web servers and backend
> applications. PHP can communicate with web servers using that mechanism,
> but it doesn't have to (depends on the web server in use).
> I think the problem here is that you're not asking the question you think
> you're asking. Unfortunately, I'm not sure what you're really trying to
> figure out.
> > Would PHP replace Perl as the main language of CGI?
> Who knows? It might. Its use is growing rapidly, and it's much easier to
> learn. A few years ago the prospect would have been unthinkable, due to
> the vastly greater supply of Perl CGI web apps and free libraries in
> circulation. These days the advantage is not so strong. And PHP is far
> better optimized for the specific task of web application development.
> On the other hand, Perl is in the abstract a more powerful language. So
> many programmers will continue to prefer it.
> miguel

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