On Friday, March 15, 2002, at 07:04  PM, Edward Tanguay wrote:

> $doc = new_xmldoc('1.0');
> $root = $doc->ad_root('sites');
> $site = $root->ne_child('site','');
> $site->new_child('title','PHP.net');
> $site->new_child('url','http://www.php.net');
> $site->new_child('description','The homepge of PHP');
> $site->new_child('keywords','MySQL, PHP');
> print $doc->dumpmem();
> xslt_output_endtransform();
> ?>
> Where can I get "new_xmldoc()"?

I could be wrong about this, but if you're trying to create a new 
instance of a class called "xmldoc", then shouldn't you omit the 

Then again, I just read the man page for xmldoc() and it doesn't seem 
like that's what you're using here.  I didn't find any reference to a 
function called "new_xmldoc()", though I did see a big disclaimer that 
the DOM-using XML functions in PHP are subject to change and are 
somewhat unstable.



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