On Monday, March 18, 2002, at 06:28  AM, Filippo Veneri wrote:

> Just to make myself understood:
> class obj {
>   var $field;
>   function obj( $value ) {
>     $this->field = $value;
>   }
> }
> $o = new obj( "field value" );
> How can i know, if possible,  that the instance of
> obj pointed to by $o has a field named "field"?
> This would be useful to write an object to a database
> without knowing its structure 'a-priori'.

Couldn't you just add another method called "return_field_name()" to the 
class?  Then you could run this method from the script and you will be 
given the value of the field name.  Your code would look like this:

class obj
   var $field;

   function obj($value)
     $this->field = $value;

   function return_field_name()
     return $this->field;

then in your code you would do something like:
   $o = new obj("field value");
   print $o->return_field_name();

This might not work, I don't know much about OO.



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