On Monday, March 18, 2002, at 03:22 PM, Chuck "PUP" Payne wrote:

> Does anyone know a good web server beside WebStar for the Mac Classic 
> OS,
> that will allow you to run PHP with it? I have a client that is looking 
> for
> such an animal. I recommended WebStar because I know it will let you 
> run cg,
> but I am not sure about PHP. WebStar is the only professional web server
> that I know of of Mac Classic. I don't think there is such an animal 
> for the
> classic OS. I have tried to talk them into move to OS 10.1.3, but that 
> like
> talking to the wall.  Also I need to know where I can find free ODBC 
> drivers
> that will let them contact to MYSQL or Filemaker pro.

WebTen from Tenon (http://www.tenon.com) is an implementation of Apache 
for MacOS Classic. It runs at least through PHP 3, I think, plus all the 
other stuff you can run with Apache (perl, etc.).

It's not as easy to administer as WebSTAR, but it's in some ways more 
flexible and more powerful.



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