Is it possible to determine if it's the php script causing the error or the
browser causing the error? Maybe it's the browser timing-out??

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Hello All,

I have a problem uploading big files. 23MB range. I already changed the 
max_upload_filesize and the post_max_site to 26214400 byes (25Mb) and the 
timeout  (set_time_limit) is set to 0. No limit.

Since I'm testing over a lan uploading goes fast. I see it going for a while

and then suddenly get an error  result for moving and chmod'ing the file 
(Mozilla) or a page not  found (IE). PHP  is the 4.1.2 version. 

I'm realy clueless why the upload is aborted. The timeout it shouldn't be as

I don't think I make even the default 30 seconds. There diskspace enough on 
any partition which could have to hold the temporarilly file (the smallest 
partition still has 700Mb free) The values for max_upload_filesize and 
post_max_site are verified though the phpinfo() and are set.

Anybody who can shed a glimps of light? 


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