On Mon, 18 Mar 2002, Erik Price wrote:
> On Monday, March 18, 2002, at 04:07  PM, Charles Williams wrote:
>> So basically I guess I just need a way of, after retrieving the info
>> from the DB, splitting the IP (range(s)) apart and then comparing the
>> IP entered to those in the array(?) to verify that it was a good entry.
> I would store the IP number into four separate columns in a database 
> table, one column for each part of the IP.  This is just to be safe, 
> really you only need two (one for the domain and subnet numbers, and the 
> last for the machine number) but if you ever needed to cross subnets 
> then you'd be glad you had set up your data in this flexible way.

Seems like this isn't such a flexible way to store them (other than as a
string, I guess). It's rare that you'd care about particular octets
on their own. An IP address is just a 32-bit number, and the easiest way
to work with numbers is in their native form. Imagine if you had a bunch
of 5-digit numbers you were working with; would you create 5 fields in the
database, each to store one digit?


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