I'd like to print an array kinda like the way it was created.  Ie., I've
got the following array:

$r[0][0]['name'] = 'joe';
$r[0][0]['gender'] = 'male';
$r[0][0]['prop'] = 'prefs';
$r[0][0][0]['text'] = 'mail';
$r[0][0][0]['set'] = 'yes';
$r[0][0][1]['text'] = 'phone';
$r[0][0][1]['set'] = 'no';

Now I'd like to have a function which I'd pass the array and get the
following output:

r[0][0]['name'] = 'joe'
r[0][0]['gender'] = 'male'
r[0][0]['prop'] = 'prefs'
r[0][0][0]['text'] = 'mail'
r[0][0][0]['set'] = 'yes'
r[0][0][1]['text'] = 'phone'
r[0][0][1]['set'] = 'no'

Right now, I've got the following not quite working function:

function output($array, $name, $prefix = array()){
  foreach ($array as $key => $value){
    if (! is_array($value)){
      if (0 < count($prefix)){
        // Prefix vorhanden
        printf ("%s%s[%s] = '%s'\n", $name, implode('', $prefix), $key, $value);
      } else {
        // Kein Prefix angegeben
        printf ("%s[%s] = %s\n", $name, $key, $value);
    } else {
      $prefix[] = sprintf('[%s]', $key);
      output($value, $name, $prefix);

This produces the following output:

r[0][0][name] = 'joe'
r[0][0][gender] = 'male'
r[0][0][prop] = 'prefs'
r[0][0][0][text] = 'mail'
r[0][0][0][set] = 'yes'
r[0][0][0][1][text] = 'phone'
r[0][0][0][1][set] = 'no'

As you can see in the line with "phone", I've still got an error
somewhere.  The "phone" line should be:

r[0][0][1]['text'] = 'phone'

But it is:

r[0][0][0][1]['text'] = 'phone'

The 3rd [0] is too much.  This means, that I somehow need to get rid of
the 3rd [0].  It seems like I did not notice that I went "up" again in
the array.

Could somebody please help me in refining the function so that it works?

Thanks a lot!

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