Hello,  Its been a while since I have posted a question.  Regards to all of you out 
there supporting the best in the biz (php and the open source community).

I am wondering how to get the last resource ID from a call.  I have a loop making 
pg calls, the resource ID's vary of course.  Looking for a dynamic work around, 
otherwise a way to replace my print_r below with a line of code which grabs the 
last resource ID.  Please check out this code, open to any suggestions.  This 
code is abbreviated to ensure clarity:

// made a call and got 3 rows using the results to further loop below
    $AGARR=pg_fetch_array($result, $x);
    // here i open a new connection and expect 1 row for each iteration

    $callTmb="select z from mytable where tempfu='$a'";
    $resultTmb=pg_exec($Tmbconnect, $callTmb);
    echo $callTmb . "!! $Tmbrows";

    // THE ABOVE ECHO gives me the call and expected "1" as number found.


    // SOMETIMES a particular return is result #13, sometimes #15.
    // THIS is used on various pages.  I need to grab the last ID so that
    // it can remain dynamic, or have it reset so that the resouce ID is
    // always 0 for each iteration.

Hope this makes some sense, more importantly, hope someone has a bone they 
could throw me :)  THanks a bunch,

Kristopher Spencer-Yates

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