I have a log of IP numbers that come to WEBSITE A

$sql = "INSERT INTO `access` (`accessID`, `accessIP`, `accessDNS`, `accessTIME`, 
`accessUPDATE`, `accessVIEW`) VALUES ('', '$proxy_ip', '$proxy_dns', '$add_date', 
NOW(NULL), '0')";

This has worked well, how ever when someone comes back with the same "accessIP" then I 
would like then "accessVIEW" aadds a +1 to the value.

I would like help to create this ..

if (!$remote_addr) <- if the ip that they are using is the same as one in the table 
then update the record and use the accessID for that record.

else if there isn't that $remote_addr in the table then it is added.

I have yet to start on the code, so would some direction.

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