> I'm trying to force the browser to download a movie rather than open it up
> and play it. Yesterday, Miguel kindly put me onto headers as being the way
> to do this. Problem is I have an include at the top of the page and that
> won't let me add in the necessary headers. The PHP manual says to use
> buffering as the way around this: ob_start(); and ob_end_clean();

RTFM with more care: ob_end_clean() does not send, but discards the contents
of the buffer.
You need to use ob_flush() / ob_end_flush() to send the contents of the
buffer to the requesting client.

> Should these buffer commands go around the include statement? When I do
> the page doesn't load at all, so I'm guessing that there must be another
> way, but what that way is I have no idea. Does anyone???

Once you use the right ob_*() function, I think you'll notice a dramatic
improvement in your output :-)



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