Here is my situation:

I've got HTML Templates that I'm using to parse and presents
the end result to the user.

Here is my dilemma:

I need to take what is presented to the user (ie, the data less the
HTML tags but maintaining the formatting) and turn it into a PDF

I know I can use PDFLib to turn data into a PDF.  However, it
doesn't understand HTML so I can't just send it the same thing
I'm sending to the browser via stdout.  Is there a routine, a class
or a set of functions out there that would take the result and give
me just the data the end user sees (ie, less the HTML tags)?  Or
even turn the HTML into XML?
One thing to remember, since this is using the results of a parsed
template, I would need to be able to do all of this on the fly.

I don't necessarily need the code that does this, just pointers on
where I can go look and find out how I can do this.  
Thanks for any help you can provide!


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