This is a fairly condescending reply given that the license statement for
PGP is present on every download screen from which it is available.  Careful
not to hurt my feelings please :(  After all, I went to a lot of trouble
looking all these things up very carefully when I implemented my own PHP
script for encrypting an email message.

Anyway, I'm sure GnuPG is great too, but as with PGP it also is not part of
most standard distributions of Linux/Unix and as a result, may not be
present on a production server (where downloading and installing new
packages may not be an option.)  OpenSSL, on the other hand, is available on
virtuall all systems since it is required for https servers.

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ğDrew LopuckiĞ sagte am 2002-03-19 um 10:25:02 -0500 :
> Lots of people will tell you to use PGP.  However since PGP is not *free*,
> in that you cannot use it for commercial purposes without a license, I
> it.  Also it has to be downloaded and installed as most systems do not

Well, use GnuPG.  Then you can use "PGP".  And what you stated above is
also plain wrong.  You might need some sort of license for the more
obscure uses (like VPN and thus), but for encryption, PGP is freely
available.  And lastly, even if you were willing to pay money, I would
not recommend PGP to anyone, as NA has stopped developing PGP and is
trying to sell it.  PGP is dead - long live GnuPG!

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