On Wed, 20 Mar 2002, John Clarke wrote:
> I have used the following script successfully for a year now, but have just
> found a problem with the date 2002-03-31.
> When I add 0 days to this date it returns 2002-03-31.        Correct!
> When I add 1 day to this date it still returns 2002-03-31.    NOT Correct
> n I add 2 days to this date it returns 2002-03-31.                NOT
> correct
> So far this is the only date that I havefound a problem with.
> Any ideas why this would be happening?

This is a very wild guess, but is it possible that in your locale that's 
a daylight savings time transition, resulting in a 25-hour day, so that 
adding 24 hours to midnight doesn't bring you into the next day?

Try explicitly setting the time to noon and then working from there.


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