I agree.  Unless there isn't a product which matches your needs I
personally would consider my time better spent contributing to a project
that has only a short distance left to go rather then starting a new
project which would take months/years before perfection (if there is
such a thing)

Onto my opinions of the technical aspects of creating a control panel in
php... there are two ideas (that I see looming obvious on the
horizon)... Both of these ideas deal with permissions.  To be a truly
effective 'system control panel' it would be necessary to have root
priv's to accomplish tasks... the fact that apache runs as a specific
non-root user (and if it doesn't it d#%!#$^mned well should!) is a
drawback... Webmin circumvents this project by incorporating its own
http/https server which runs on an assigned port (idea 1). Otherwise it
may be possible to use a php front-end-script which modifies a text
file, mysql, or some other form of database, and either a daemon script
running as root or a single pass script running as a cron job... this
process would interpret information in the data file and act accordingly
on the server.  

PHP is a wonderful lang. in my experience, and it's becoming more
advanced by the second.  I don't think the problem would be the lang.
itself but the time invested in learning it and implementing it...

So I guess it boils down to these questions:

1) do you NEED to do it?
2) do you want to do it?
3) are you willing to invest in yourself to get it done?

>From my experience creating these types of things tends to be a
thankless job right up until the end :) stick in there and it's

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On Wed, 20 Mar 2002, Paul ... wrote:
> just thinking about making a small control panel for my server so i
can do
> the web hosting related things from the web... would php be a good
> to do this in and if so why?.. what would be the ups and downs?

The fastest way would be to download Webmin from here
(http://www.webmin.com/), then change all the comments so it says you
wrote it.

Seriously, you might want to look into that because a lot of people have

already put a lot of work into making something fairly comprehensive.


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