I use the $DOCUMENT_ROOT environment variable quite ofter to build an absolute path to files in the web tree.  I just ran into a problem moving my code from a linux box (RH6.2) to a SunW Ultra 60.   Both machines are running the same version of Apache 1.3.20 and PHP4.0.6.   Here's the rub.
On the sun,   $DOCUMENT_ROOT would add a slash at the end of the line where as the linux box would not.
For example:
Linux $DOCUMENT_ROOT:  /www/dir/htdocs
Sun $DOCUMENT_ROOT:  /www/dir/htdocs/
So when I build my paths I get an extra "/".  Is there any way to make Sun version to work like the Linux version.   I hate to go back and change all my code.
Thanks in advance...
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