At 19.03.2002  14:16, you wrote:
>I'm having a problem with file uploads via a HTML form. I've no luck getting
>it to work. After a bit of research I think I've determined that the problem
>lies with my host having safe mode enabled and setting a open_basedir that
>is outside my scope.

Hi Jack,
Itīs important to know that the file will be stored in /tmp !

I have realized it with two pages
page a is a form where the client can enter the necessary data, like 
the page contains the following form tag
<form enctype="multipart/form-data" action="save_file.html" method="post">
While uploading, the file will be stored  in /tmp/,
Page b (save_file.html)  renames it to @rename ($userfile,delete_me); 
$userfile is the filename, the user entered.
Now you have to move the file from /tmp/ to your desired directory

$scom="mv "./tmp/delete_me." where_to_move_to";

HTH Oliver

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