Hi. I have a table that contains lots of names in mssql. and i want to make
a page
where each of theese individuals can login with that spesific username and
So my question is : what is the proper (best) command to use for sending and
returning the info?

$link = mssql_connect($hostname,$username,$password);
$dblink = mssql_select_db($dbname, $link);
if ( $link && $dblink )
$query = "select * from members where user = '$user' and pass = '$pass'";
$result = mssql_query( $query );
if ( $result ) echo "correct login";
else echo "wrong login";

This is not working... i have tried everything i can think of that can work
but with no luck.
So if someone have a solution for me... i would apriciate it :)

(and yes i do have defined all the vars in the script they are just not that
important here....)


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