Hi All,
In appreciation of the fine contributions found on this list I thought I'd post 
remarks about a new system I'm trying that shows some promise.

The system purpose is to enable a third party [an administrator] to check the software 
version for a php driven software application [which you write]. This is the process:

a) CONSTANTS define the PRODUCTNAME and the INSTALLVERSION for your software, as well 
as other admin data you might find useful. Note: the ADMINUSERNAME and ADMINPASSWORD 
are saved in php4 session.
b) each page load for the administration page [except php_self] has the visitor 
[presumably admin] ip, port and datetime inserted into the administrator's application 
database table
c) a threshold is set which when it is reached triggers a check version call
d) the checkversion calls a script on your own site
e) the script fetches version information from your own [remote] database
f) the upgrade information is presented to the administrator, or if the version is ok 
then the administration page is loaded [which was the original file request] and in so 
doing the entire process can be relatively transparent to the admin user,
g) [optional] deny the file request for the application administration page if the 
product registration does not match your [single domain license] license database.

In this manner a third party administrator is enabled to check the version of their 
php driven software application - with easy to use upgrade links - and you the 
software developer have more control over the use of your own software.

For obvious reasons these are not all the details, but this software is currently in 
place and preliminary tests are looking good. It's a good feature for the 
administrator to be able to check the version of their software and be able to upgrade 
in a timely manner. There are simpler ways to effect the algorithm above, of course, 
but this particular method shows some promise because of the license verification side 

I thought someone on this list might be able to benefit from this algorithm. I don't 
have time to read this list everyday, but when I make time I always learn something - 
and appreciate your posts.

Kind Regards,

Richard Creech
Phone 250.744.3350 Pacific Time, Canada
DreamRiver Software Powers the Net

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