Could be a browser cache issue.  Open just the image in the browser
( and hit
Ctrl+Refresh.  Go back to the page and see if it doesn't show up.

Attractive looking page by the way.  :)


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Sorry bringing Netscape issue up again but I seem to have found

Here's the issue, I am talking about image-background in table cell
<td></td>... the problem is that one of the cells shows background, one
of them does... the index.html file attached...

This cells shows background:

<TD width="100%" background="images/topcell_bg.gif">&nbsp;</TD>

This doesn't:

<TD width="100%" background="images/bottomcell_bg.gif">&nbsp;</TD>

NOTE: the weird thing is that when I change the image name the the one
on the first cell where it works, it shows the image, but when I change
it back to  bottomcell_bg.gif it doesn't... I went to change GIF files
and they have the same property, both GIF(indexed colour)...

And to illustrate the problem, here's the file:


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