At 21.03.2002  00:36, you wrote:
>Hi all!
>I'd like to hear from a single one of you who isn't tired of code similar to
>  if (!$whatever) {
>    $whatever=something;
>  }
>or else
>  if ($whatever)
>  {
>    $somethingelse=$whatever;
>  }
>How about a new asignment operator which would shut up all those Python 
>enthusiasts - let's say the new operator would be caret - and we could 
>replace the first example with
>  $whatever^=something;
I think this is a nice idea for php8 (or some release, IŽll never have to use)
The main thing in using php is that it is close to c.
As there are so many new functions, some of them are not really necessary,
I would not prefer shortcuts like these. Who should help these guys, which
use these kind of abbrevations. We will get code like these "real C-freaks" 
when they get mad in optimizing.
Its always a walk on a sharp edge, optimizimg and readability.
For "compatibility" reasons, I would not like this kind of stuff.
and also, where can you write your comments
"old style"
if($whatever) // this option must be true
         do something; // this operation does something
} // end of whatever

"new style"
$whatever^=something // this option must be true an then it does something

(guaranteed to be more then 80 chars, have fun when reading this command
under production pressure at 0:30 at the box using ed)
oops I just wanted to add a comment, I find myself writing a book ;-)

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