Hi All

I have a rather interesting thought for a website I'm currently working on.
I imagine this is not
going to be possible, but here goes:

- Visitors can go to a page http://www.whatever.com, log in, and get a list
of files in their home

- They click a link for a document (for example) they want to download, and
it is "pushed" through
to them (as it is outside the webroot). No problem so far.

Excellent functionality to have would be for the user to make changes to
the document,
click "Save" in Microsoft Word and the file is saved back to the server
overwriting the old one.

It can be accomplished using HTTP PUT to a script which receives it and
then copies it back
to its relevant location (in the users home directory). However, the
difficult part would be to cause
Microsoft Word to trigger the upload whenever a user saves their file.

I've seen this done in Lotus Notes, but I imagine it will be near
impossible using the web.

Any thoughts on the matter would be greatly appreciated.

Adam Whitehead
Systems Developer - CSM Limited
Ph. (08) 8936 3165 ** Mobile (0411) 241 120

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