Hi everybody,

I am having a problem with GET variables. Basically I have not 
found a way to clear them so they are reset to "" if the user reload 
the page.

Here is the speudo code:



If ($Faction=="Add to Data")
  { Add_to_data(); }


<form...method="POST"  action='this_script?with session_id()'>
<input type='submit' name=Faction value='Add to Data'>


function Add_to_data()

Add data to mysql DB

The above speudo script work fine and when the user click 'Add to 
Data', the data is added to my database.  Howver, the 
session_unregister and session_destroy do not clear the variable 
Faction and its value. Therefore if the user click Reload on the 
browser, the data gets added again.

What is my problem,

Thanks in advance


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