Is that:
    Local usage ...
         1000/8 = 125 hits/hr or roughly 2 hits/min
   Continental usage ...
         1000/12 = 83 hits/hr or 1.4  hits/min
   World usage ...
         1000/24 = or 1 hit every minute and half.

Unless you have really heavy duty hits on the database (complex queries) 
just about anything from a P-200 with 32 mbytes of RAM will do, but if all 
you have is a P-133, start with it. (And that may be over-spec'ed.) Guess 
what I'm really saying, is do a bit of math, time some queries, etc. then 
you'll know how to decide.

If your extracting a lot data from multiple tables, constructing graphics 
on the fly and converting everything to PDF before sending it, then what 
I've suggested won't do.

Regards - Miles Thompson

PS Don't cross-post. It doesn't help but may annoy. This is replied to 
php-general only as it's not an installation problem.

At 03:00 PM 3/21/2002 +0200, Aras Kucinskas wrote:
>I seek a recommendation for server hardware.
>Server software:
>Server purpose:
>One site (PHP+mySQL ) hosting, max 1000 visitors per day.
>What is recommendet hardware requiremnts (CPU, RAM,...)?
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