Are there any headers sent to the browser in session_start()?
I ask because I have a script that sends data as a PDF document
to the browser.  Before I'm outputting the data, I'm sending the

header( "Content-Type: application/pdf" );

to tell the browser that it's a PDF and to load as such.  If I don't
use session_start(), everything works as expected.  The PDF 
comes up and all is right with the world.  However, as soon as I
uncomment session_start(), the PDF doesn't load correctly and
in fact, I get a save dialogue that doesn't work right (ie, I get an
error when I click any of the buttons).
So, is there a header getting sent by session_start()?  Is there any
way I can turn that off?  Has anyone found a workaround for this?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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