> On 21 Mar 2002, at 8:03, Rasmus Lerdorf wrote:
> > This Faction variable comes from the browser.
> Thanks for answering Rasmus.
> But is it possible to clear this variable. Is this what is called a
> global variable? If not, does this means that the scope of POST
> variables is as long as the life of the browser session ?

No, you are misunderstanding the issue.  It's like asking if you can clear
the URL in someone's browser so that when they hit reload they will not
reload your site.  You can't control their browser like that from PHP.
That is purely a client-side issue.  You might be able to do some funky
Javascript to do it, but from a PHP perspective it is out of your hands.
You simply have to compensate in your server code to avoid committing the
same query twice.

> <Or redirect away from this page as soon as you get
> the post so a reload wouldn't reload the posted page.>
> Sure. But the user can always click "Back" on the browser and
> reload all data?

Well, you could prevent the user from cacheing the page by sending the
appropriate cache control headers.  Then when they click back it would say
that the page is expired.


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