On Friday 22 March 2002 00:40, Mauricio Sthandier wrote:
> I already seen it... I used "r+" and "aw".
> I saw and example in www.php.net, in the fopen function description, but it
> is incomplete...
> this is taking me hours !!!.
> Well, if I can preappend... how can I read, for example, the first 8 chars
> of the last line I inserted ?. They have no fixed length.
> I'm starting to feel silly :(.
> "Chris Boget" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> escribió en el mensaje
> news:01bd01c1d0f6$3fc51f60$[EMAIL PROTECTED]...
> > > I guess thist must be really silly... but how can I append text to the
> > > beginning of a file ???
> > > I've been trying since a while... but all I get is overwriting !.
> >
> > Check out fopen().  There is an argument that you can use in that
> > function call to determine how the data is sent to the file.

Write your stuff to a new file, 
read old file, 
add stuff from old file onto new file,
rename new file to old file


read old file into a very long string
add new stuff to beginning of very long string
write very long string to old file

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