On Thu, 21 Mar 2002, James Taylor wrote:
> I have this sort of guest book that only will display 10 entries on the
> page at a time, after that you have the option of previous 10, and if
> you're not on the front page you also have next 10.  I'm getting the ID
> of the VERY LAST POST listed on the page. So it's doing something like
> Well, it seems to KIND of work, the only thing is that the ID's aren't
> necessarily sequential.  If I delete a post, well, that ID is now
> missing, and when you click 'previous', it's displaying a couple of
> duplicate posts that were on the page before it.

Why not keep track of the value you passed to the last LIMIT, rather than 
only the ID of the last item? Presto, problem solved.


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