If you just want to prevent users from getting a listing of your image
directory, you can do a couple of things:

1) Put an empty 'index.html' (or whatever the server default is) in the
image directory, so anyone trying to browse the directory will get a blank


2) (Assuming your server is Apache) Create a '.htaccess' file in the images
directory and add the line

Options -Indexes

Either one ought to be less of a performance hit than doing a readfile() on
each image you want to send to the browser. :)

This article has more stuff on .htaccess:




> -----Original Message-----
> From: andy [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
> hmm sounds logical. The idea was to protect the image directory
> from people
> who would like to download all the image files. Somebody told me to place
> the dir outside the document root. So this seems to be wrong.
> What would you suggest to prevent people from downloading all the  image
> files?

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