Hello everyone,

I'm in the process of revising my db development prices, and was wondering
what the best practices were. I want to keep my prices low, but I often
feel like I'm not charging close to what I should be charging.

1) What is the going rate for Database Development (MySQL+PHP
or any other combo)?

2) What (or how) do you charge for MySQL+PHP database applications?
3) What do you factor into your pricing?

We currently package our prices by the project. Example, we
would charge one flat fee for an online database application.
This would include everything from start to finish. Sometimes
this works out, but other times it gets painful and tedious. I often feel
like I'm not charging as much as I should be.

4) What is the best practice for db development pricing?
Flat fee or hourly based? Do you charge based on the number of hours spent
(anticipated) or by the project complexity and/or size?

5) Do you charge in stages or upon completion? For example, do you charge
after the planning phase, development phase, etc. Or, after the project
is complete?

I'm especially interested in hearing from the West Coast (USA) developers.
Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.



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