I'm working on a query by selection type of form, where if a user
selects a subject to get information. Each database entry will have 2
subject fields, Subject 1 being the main subject and Subject 2 being the
cross-subject. A table is set up like this:

| ID   | Organization | URL  | SUBJECT1 | SUBJECT2 | Geographic  |
|  1   | Acme         | www  |  Math    |  English | Canada      |
|  2   | Loony Toons  | www  |  Comedy  |  Math    | Brazil      |


The idea is that the query will check the database to see if $Subject
has a match in either Subject1 or Subject2. the geographic is an
optional selection. If I select Math as a subject, and left the
Geographic option unselected, I want it to go into either Subject1 and
Subject2 to find Math. In this case both records would be a hit.

Below is my query setup and formatting:
$sql = "SELECT * FROM links WHERE SUBJECT1='$subject' OR
SUBJECT2='$subject' AND GEOGRAPHIC='$geographic'

$sql_result = mysql_query($sql);
if (!$sql_result) {
   echo "Can't execute $sql " . mysql_error();

// organizes data in an orderly manner (ie bulleted area)
while ($row = mysql_fetch_array($sql_result)) {

        $esc_organization = $row["ORGANIZATION"];
        $esc_desc = $row["DESCRIPTION"];
        $esc_url = $row["URL"];
        $esc_subject = $row["SUBJECT1"];
        $esc_geographic = $row["GEOGRAPHIC"];
        $organization = stripslashes($esc_organization);
        $description = stripslashes($esc_desc);
        $url = stripslashes($esc_url);
        $subject = stripslashes($esc_subject);
        $geographic = stripslashes($esc_geographic);

        $option_block .= "
        <a href=\"http://$url\";>$organization</a></li><br>
        URL: <a href=\"http://$url\";>$url</a></li>\n";
Now, of course, if I were to use this, it will only use the Subject1
data. How do I tell it to use the results from either Subject 1 or
Subject 2?

Thanks in advance,

Laurie M. Landry

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