Hi - this is my first shift from happy and constructive lurking to a question. 

I am putting together a php/mysql set-up for "jobs" pages for a not-for-profit 
organisation. To make it easy for the hr manager, I want the form that enters the job 
details into the database to be able to have content copied and pasted into it from 
word documents.

Using nl2br() is fine, but my big problem is bullet points. Many of the job specs use 
bullet points, and although I can replace the non-standard bullet character with a 
"<li>" I can't work out how to put in a piece of code that will put in the other tags 
to make it legal code. Getting a "<ul>" in front of the very first bullet is easy 
enough, but not getting </ul> at the end, nor indeed spotting if there are two 
separate bullet lists and adapting the code accordingly.

Any thoughts? - 

Many thanks - Mallen

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