$DOCUMENT_ROOT inside a function, scope problems. Pass it as an argument
or global, or use $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'];


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I'm trying to write my first class.  Here is the code contained in a file
called "globals.php":

class Globals
  var $gDISPLAY  = 1;        /* Display graphic - no rollover */
  var $gROLLOVER = 2;     /* Display graphic with rollover */
  var $root_path;                /* Path to document root directory */
  var $relative_path;            /* Path from document root to relative root
directory */

  function Globals($start_dir)
    if ( strlen($DOCUMENT_ROOT) == 0) {
       $this->$root_path = "/";
    } else {
       $this->$root_path = $DOCUMENT_ROOT;
    $this->$relative_path = $this->$root_path . $start_dir;

$global = new Globals("/staging_area/phase-2/");

Within my html page, I am tesing the class by trying the following:
echo $global->root_path . "<br>";
echo $global->relative_path . "<br>";

However, nothing is being written to my browser.  Is there a problem with
the code?


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