template page at http://www.isbliss.co.nz/beta/mainpages/template.html
disregard any linked pages.

This will be the template for all the other pages.

1. Could you please tell me why when you hover off or anywhere on this page
the "hair salon" button is highlighted.

think I have done something to the:
<!-- #BeginEditable "runembase" -->

2. Also We want a background image for each flyover, will I have to create a
separate style for each i.e. .flyoutable2 /.flyoutable2 p /.flyoutable2
a:active etc....?

3. I get no Background image in NN4.7

4. Also since this page will be the template for the other pages, when I go
to make it say the ""Face & Body " .html page trig two...how do I make it
highlight that button. so you know that you are on that page.


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