Hello, I'm having a problem with my Apache/PHP setup.  I create a PHP
page and test it in a browser, and the page loads and everything is
fine.  However, when I make a change to my PHP script and reload the
page to see my changes, the same output from PHP is given to me.  I have
to save the page as a new file and load the new file to see any
changes.  I've turned off caching in my browser (Mozilla) and I've even
closed the browser and reloaded it, and I get the same page.  The only
thing that works is restarting Apache.

I'm running Debian with the Debian packages for Apache (1.3.23) and PHP
(4.1.2).  I've tried looking at the configuration and I know there has
to be an easy answer, but I can't find it.  I've read the documentation
for both, and I've searched the web for answers, but I just don't know
what's going on here.  Any help someone could provide would be greatly
appreciated.  Thank-you.

Adam Schlag

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