> reading the ./configure -h I see that they CHANGED what the configure
> options mean.
> now --with-freetype=dir refers to freetype 2

Untrue, it only refers to freetype2 when you are building against GD2.

> phpinfo() says I have FreeType linkage.
> But both ImageFtText and ImageTTFText fail to do anything.
> What is up with that?
> Perl is losing popularity because every time it updates scripts frequently
> need some rewriting (that and cpan will grab the latest module and then
> try to grab a newer perl instead of grabbing the module that works with
> the installed perl- grrrr)
> Hopefully php isn't going that route.
> Is this just a bug or has there been a major change?
> I'm going to have to find myself trying php 4.0.6 and possibly reverting
> back to 4.0.5 if I can't get this resolved.

Works just fine for me.  Play with your config.log and see what is
failing.  I use gd2 these days because the 8-bit limitation of gd1 just
sucks.  You can find my simple gd2 instructions here


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