Lucky wrote:
> Hello all, I have a little problem with encodings with libxml2 resp. domxml
> in php.
> In our site we're storing articles as XML, ISO-8859-1 encoded (indicated in
> xml-header). Libxml2 is doing all the internal processing in UTF-8, so the
> article gets translated to UTF-8. But when I do an xmltree() on the article,
> all output of libxml is in UTF-8, too, and it's really ugly to read german
> umlauts in UTF-8 in a browser displaying all as ISO-8859-1.
> Is there any way (other than manually do utf8_decode on every part of the
> output, which is _very_ ugly and annoying) to tell php or libxml to output
> things in UTF-8?

No, unfortunately there isn't. Here's a quote from the libxml site 

"... basically the I18N (internationalization) support get triggered 
only during I/O operation, i.e. when reading a document or saving one"

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