I am trying to display a HTML table of 2 cells with "n" elements... This means 
an unknown number of lines.

I need to use 2 FOR loops (one to determine the number of <TR> and one to 
create the 2 cells needed). This is a bit to overwellming for me... 

I have:

$result = connect_db("select prod_id,photo from prod where cat_id=1");
$Rows = pg_NumRows($result);
$lines_TOT = ceil($Rows/2);

for($TR=0; $TR < $ligne_TOT; $TR++){
        print "<tr>\n";

        for($TD=0; $TD < 2;$TD++){
        print "<td>";
                if ($prod_id != ""){
                print "<img src=\"../photo/". $photo. "s.jpg\" border=0>\n";
                } else {
                print "&nbsp;";
        print "</td>";

As you can see, the second loop cant continue to display the next product... So 
the first line with the 2 images are ok but the other lines are identical, so 
if I have  10 products, I see only 1 and 2 over 5 lines!

How can I solve this? To have 2 columns per line, I must limit the loop but I 
need to continue at that point on the second line...

Thank you for any assistance!
Marc André Paquin

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