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At 12:09 PM 25/03/2002, Vincent Cunniffe wrote:
>I have an apache server which is configured to pass some requests through to a
>secondary, chrooted apache server. For each virtual domain that passes 
>I have an entry in httpd.conf which looks like :
>   ProxyPass         / http://domain.hosted.mydomain.com/
>   ProxyPassReverse  / http://domain.hosted.mydomain.com/
>Now, everything runs fine in the secondary server, which has an identical 
>to the first apart from being chrooted. (Identical means that a diff of 
>the two
>config files shows paths only).
>However, when a PHP page on the secure server creates more than one cookie and
>attempts to pass it back through the proxy to the client, it doesn't 
>appear. On
>the possibility that it might be a browser issue, I grabbed the raw return 
>and in fact, there is only one cookie header returned. No matter how many 
>I create in PHP, whether multidimensional or of different names, only the very
>last one returns to the client.
>If anyone can shed light on this problem, I'd be very grateful.
>The full system config is :
>     Linux 2.2.19, uniprocessor
>     Apache 1.3.24
>     PHP 4.2
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