On Sun, 24 Mar 2002, Shaun Martinec wrote:
> I'm using mysql to store images that I load through a script called
> photo.php. I pass it the ID and it displays the image. No problem. However,
> when I right-click on the image in my browser (IE6) and choose properties,
> it doesn't seem to recognize the format or size even though I'm sending
> Content-Type and Content-Length headers. Are there additional headers I need
> to send to get this functionalily or is it just because the file extension
> of the script is .php and not .gif or .jpg? Also when I right-click and
> choose "Save As" it only lets me save as a bmp. Again, it displays fine, I
> would just like to make it work like a real image.

Internet Explorer is very dumb about internet file types - it thinks the 
whole world plays the DOS game of identifying files by the end of the 
name ("extensions" or whatever they call it). You can fool it by providing 
a URL that appears to belong to a certain file type. For instance, instead 
of making a link to "imagedisplay.php?id=45", make a link that points to 
"imagedisplay.php/picture.jpg?id=45". PHP will still find your 
imagedisplay.php script, and IE will be happy too.


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