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> What's really the meaning with
> whatever.php?page=1 when you are NOT using a db?
> Just cuz it looks cool? Or is there a better reason?
> -Cuz you could do <a href="whatever.htm"> instead of blabla.php?page=1
> (having include('blabla.htm'); in a script in blabla.php...of course)

You can pass $_GET variables in this way, which become available on the 
next page.  Here's an example:


Now in the whatever.php script, if there is code like this:

// determine user's theme preferences
print "<link rel=\"stylesheet\" type=\"text/css\" href=\"";
if ($_GET['theme']) {
   switch $_GET['theme'] {
     case 'sky':
       print 'sky.css';
     case 'metallic':
       print 'metallic.css';
       print 'standard.css';
} else {
   print 'standard.css';
print "\" />";   // finish the <link> tag

Obviously, you wouldn't really use a theme in this fashion since you'd 
have to replicate this value in every link in your document -- this kind 
of thing is more appropriate to have in a session variable.  But the 
lesson is the same -- variables can be passed in this fashion for any 
purpose, not just database access.  (It's called "passing a variable in 
the querystring".)




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