On Monday, March 25, 2002, at 10:39  AM, Chris wrote:

> How can I echo some text such as "Processing, please wait..." whilst 
> the PHP
> script runs. Rather than displaying a blank screen with the results 
> being
> echoed once the script has fully completed.

A hackish and inelegant way to do it would be to use JavaScript to 
create a new front window upon unLoad of the page that calls the PHP 
script.  While the PHP script executes in the back page, taking its time 
to do its thing, the front page (perhaps a small window or something 
with an animated GIF to simulate the "page loading" effect) sits in 
front.  When the PHP page has finally loaded, a new JavaScript command 
to close the "page loading" window executes, or you could have it close 
automatically after a certain number of seconds.



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