Hey PHP General List,

Well thanks for helping but still i get nothing and i have no idea
why. I changed the line as you said to:

if( $session["logged"]==1 )

and took out that while.
It shows the box but the $uzeriz that i pass doesn't show up :/

maybe anybody see more mistakes?


Got your email on:Monday, March 25, 2002, 5:45:49 AM writing:

RE> 1.  Just pass uzeriz to the function, not session("uzeriz");

RE> 2.  FYI: you don't need this construct:  while($row =
RE> mysql_fetch_row($result)){
RE> Based upon the previous tests, there is ONLY 1 entry.  Therefore, go with:
RE> $row = mysql_fetch_row($result);

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RE> Subject: [PHP] [newbie] Something is messed up, anybody can help?

RE> Hey PHP General List,

RE> Intro:
RE> I am creating small login script and few things doesn't work right.
RE> Code is hare:

RE> admin.php

RE> if(isset($subm_login))
RE> {
RE>         $session["logged"]=0;
RE>         $session["uzeriz"]="";
RE>         $result = mysql_query("select * from uzer where user='$uzr_name' and
RE> pass='$uzr_passwd'");
RE>          if(!$result)   {
RE>                  echo "This error should not be hare. But it sayes that it
RE> could not search for your user";
RE>          } else {
RE>                   if(mysql_num_rows($result)!=1) {
RE>                        echo "Login Not Found";
RE>                 } else {
RE>                           while($row = mysql_fetch_row($result)){
RE>                       $session["uzeriz"]=$row["user"];
RE>                               $session["logged"]=1;
RE>                                           $session["pass"]=$row["pass"];
RE>                                   }
RE>                                 }
RE>          }
RE>          session_register("session");
RE> }

RE> if( $session["logged"]==1 )
RE> {
RE>   draw_admin_menu($session["uzeriz"]);
RE> }
RE> if( $session["logged"]==0 )
RE> {
RE>         draw_login_box();
RE> }

RE> --------------
RE> adm_func.php (this file is included in admin.php)

RE> function draw_admin_menu($uzer)
RE> {
RE>         global $session;
RE>         echo "<p>User Logged In</p>\n";
RE>         echo "<p>--------------</p>\n";
RE>         echo "<p>$uzer</P>\n";
RE> }

RE> ------------------------------

RE> Problem:
RE> the problem is that i cant see $uzer its empty. nothing is
RE> there....what i am doing wrong? all table names and everything is
RE> correct but i get empty thing.

RE> If that is dumb question im sorry :) i am kinda new in this :)

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