There is a pretty good tutorial on a simular topic on Site Point... it deals
with restricting SOME pages of a website, and would be reasonably easy to
adapt to work with a permissions table -- although I'd keep the user_id in a
session, and check if *THIS USER* has permission for *THIS PAGE*, rather
than checking if *THIS SESSION* has permission.

It depends how you want to structure your permissions, but I've got a few
ideas on how to extend/modify the code to suit your needs -- feel free to
contact me off list.

I used this tutorial and code base as the basis of my own session management
and user login stuff, which is functioning well.

Note: it does use cookies, which you may or may not consider an issue.

Justin French
Creative Director

on 26/03/02 1:42 AM, javier ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:

> I would like to know how can I do with php to keep user track
> and let him or not access to specified pages.
> I thought about validating (u/p) first and then giving a session
> variable. And then on each script I would check sessionID with
> a permissions table.
> Is there any tutorial that talk about above?

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