I would check the mail logs on the smtp server ?(if you have access)
or... try this and see if ANY mail is bveing sent to you (assumes a unix
server with sendmail (or compatible) binary installed)

     $fp=fopen('./tmp', 'w');
     fputs($fp, 'Subject: '.$reportsubject.chr(10));
     fputs($fp, $reportmail);
     foreach($reportaddr as $addr) {
        `cat ./tmp | $sendmail $addr`;

(taken from a script I wrote for a server which didn't have mail() due
to an annoying problem.... 



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Subject: [PHP] mail() function returns TRUE but no email is sent

Anyone run into this problem before?  I've got a simple email parser
that I've set up for our clients to access from their websites.  It just
uses the simple mail() function to send the parsed HTML to their
account.  The mail() function is returning TRUE  but the email no email
is being received.  How does the mail() function check if the email has
actually been sent?  Is it possible that the mail() function could be
given the proper signals to return TRUE but then the server not send the

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