I worked with the xmldom under php4.0.6 and everything was fine and dandy,
though since I upgraded php on my staging server which is a win2k(pro) box
to 4.1.2 there has been no way to get the libxml to work. I first tried
4.1.1, that wouldnt work, so I had a little bit of hope that 4.1.2 would do
the trick but unfortunately I am still stuck.
I almost cant believe that it isn't possible to get libxml to work on win2k
with php 4.1.2, I tried everything I could possibly come up with, reading
Mad Osterby's guide for 100 times over, looked on every forum I could find,
but no results.

If anybody has an idea (or can state that they could get it running) then
please let me know, I am now developing on the live server which is not a
relaxed situation - if I produce an error 4 portals go down and or show
error msg's to the users untill the time I fixed them, which doesn't
precisely make my commissiongivers happy.

If there's noone out there who got it running, I will have to trash win2k
and install linux, but that would be an enormous job so please please please
if you know something, share this with me!

Thanks very much

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